Our National and International Experience

Experience is the best teacher. We have assembled a group of seasoned professionals, with decades of work in courthouses, law offices, and in the streets. We have served thousands of legal papers over thirty years in the legal trenches. We have seen our clients successfully through rush locates, rush serves, court deadlines, complex cases, evasive defendants, out-of-state record-holders, subpoena and judgment domestications around the United States, and even service in several foreign countries. New Jersey Process Servers offers a complete solution for your needs.

We can serve legal papers for you in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, on Native American reservations, in U.S. territories, and in foreign countries informally or under Hague Convention rules. We have handled process service in cases where over 2000 defendants were named. We have handled difficult mental-health and related serves for counties. We have served papers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, the Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Latin America, Western Europe and all the U.K. Commonwealth countries. We offer solutions down the street, and across the globe.

Finding and serving people is what we do. It is our bliss. It is what makes us go.

Our Dedicated Staff

We are a diverse group of talented professionals, diverse personalities, with an even-more diverse set of skills. Our licensed investigators and support staff have decades of experience in finding defendants, serving legal papers, obtaining copies of records (including electronic data and medical images) field investigation, database searches, child custody cases, complex litigation, class actions, and foreign-state domestication of subpoenas and judgments. Our staff is located around the U.S., connected electronically and experienced in all 50 states.

And we love a challenge, whether it be domesticating a subpoena in a new state, finding and serving an individual on a Native American reservation, or serving a defendant in a hot child-custody dispute.

Our Owners

Our management team includes experienced licensed private investigators, accountants, and researchers with substantial experience working in the legal system at all levels.

Our Diverse Clients

Large multi-state law firms; boutique, specialty and small- and solo-practice law firms; international insurance companies; government agencies, including the State of California and governments around the United States; individuals and businesses, large and small.

Our System

We have designed and built a system for client tracking of jobs. Once your firm has established a relationship with us, we can provide you with online real-time status checks for your jobs and direct downloading of proof of service documents. Ask us for a demonstration.


We hold corporate process service certification under California law. We are an approved and certified provider to the State of California. Our list of government clients includes many counties, and our public- and private-sector vendor certification list is always growing.