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New Jersey Process Servers
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 74 reviews
by Jennifer on New Jersey Process Servers

All I want is total custody and I'm sure it can happen this year now that I'm working with New Jersey Process Servers. This is the third company but they're making progress for me every month at a fair price

by Henry on New Jersey Process Servers

Everyone says divorce is hard. Mine was pretty simple and we were together almost 5 years. Call these guys and see what they can do in your state.

by Wyatt on New Jersey Process Servers

I need 15 to 20 assignments done per month so I made an account and I love the online portal. Instant updates are hard to find with other US process servers.

by Grace on New Jersey Process Servers

When looters destroy your business it's nice to know a private investigator that can look into the footage and examine the crime scene. I know justice is on the way.

by Clark on New Jersey Process Servers

I've moved around the U.S. several times so I need one company that can help me in many places. For New Jersey especially New Jersey Process Servers is my go-to.

by Frank on New Jersey Process Servers

I applied online and it took thirty minute to hear back with a quote and it was affordable. Thanks for getting this done quickly without the hiccups and delays. Would definitely recommend this company.

by Diana on New Jersey Process Servers

A business partner fled the nation with money from the startup that was owed to shareholders. In only one day, New Jersey Process Servers was able to locate the individual, track her down, and serve the appropriate documents that required her to meet us in court. Everything is settled and our money has been returned AND THEN SOME.

by Barbara on New Jersey Process Servers

THANK YOU! We could not find my husband when he ran out on the family earlier this year. We needed to serve him and tried two other companies first. It took some time and effort to find the best team, and believe we have.

by Kevin on New Jersey Process Servers

Not only did they answer me right away, but I got more useful information out of this call in 10 minutes than I've gotten from spending hours with other attorneys. The nicest team I’ve worked with in my 15 years working with partners in the legal system. Call this team to serve your documents by the next day in most cities.

by David on New Jersey Process Servers

My grandmother was assaulted on Black Friday bringing Christmas presents home from Target for my son and daughter. New Jersey Process Servers was ready when I called and all of my steps were done online through their website. Be careful and choose New Jersey Process Servers for your legal work.

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